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bespoke wedding planners and designers

Luxury | Unique | Exquisite


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Stylistic | Personal | Awe-Inspiring


Spires Lonton is a boutique wedding and events planning company based in London working throughout the UK, for couples from around the world.


Led by published planners and designers Jess & Madie and with over a decade of experience in the wedding and event industry; we are planners who have had the honour and privilege of organising hundreds of weddings and events worldwide.


Specialists in executing world-class events with emphasis on detail, decor and guest experience, we're here to seamlessly plan, design and deliver your dream wedding from the moment you get engaged, to magical moment you day ‘I do’.

Find out more about us HERE.


Dedicated | Meticulous | Imaginative

We believe that each wedding should be as unique as the couple themselves and with that, comes different requirements.


Thats why we’ve crafted a variety of luxury wedding planning and design services tailored to suit your needs.


Together with your vision and our skill set, let us help you make your dream wedding a reality.


To learn more about our services, please CLICK HERE.

Curated | Distinctive | Enchanting


With an unwavering passion for elegance and a keen eye for detail, we specialise in collecting, curating and crafting luxury, personalised items to elevate your wedding experience.


From meticulously handpicked treasures to bespoke creations, each element is thoughtfully chosen to add a touch of opulence and individuality to your special day.


Let us transform your wedding into a seamless tapestry of sophistication and personalised charm.


Visit our online shop HERE.

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